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102161 Sequential Turn Signal Module Kit (2010-2013 only)

102161  Sequential Turn Signal Module Kit (2010-2013 only)
102161 Sequential Turn Signal Module Kit (2010-2013 only)
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This kit is designed to "Plug-And-Play" into the brake/tail light bulb socket on the outside tail lamp housings on the vehicle


Designed for  Gen-5 Camaro 2010-2013, using AC Delco LS272 twist-lock modular sockets and four tail/brake lights; two lamps on each side of the rear of the vehicle. Two identical modules are included in this kit, one for each side of the vehicle. The sequential delay alters the outer TURN SIGNAL (Brake) light.


Here's how it works: The circuitry in this module produces a slight delay which causes your outer turn signal light filament to come on a bit later than the in-board turn signal light. When the signal blinks,  a sequential step between the inboard and the outboard light displays an outward-flowing effect, as opposed to two bulbs lighting at the same time.  The delay is long enough to display a sequential effect, but short enough to prevent a diagnostics "burned out bulb" error in the vehicle. Note the BRAKE lights will both sequence outward when the brakes are applied.


To install: Open the deck lid (Camaro is illustrated, drivers side) and remove the access cover using a plastic fastener removal tool (shown) or thin screwdriver to release the plastic fasteners. (Note: Fastener Removal Tool is available from Harbor Freight Tools or auto body shop supply dealers). Pop the fastener head upward and remove the fastener body. Inside the pocket, locate the 3-wire connector that plugs into the light bulb assembly. Press the side latch inward and pull the connector from the bulb assembly.

For installation instructions, note part number and check: