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Complete 86/87 Engine Wiring Harness

Complete 86/87 Engine Wiring Harness
Complete 86/87 Engine Wiring Harness
Complete 86/87 Engine Wiring Harness
Complete 86/87 Engine Wiring Harness
Complete 86/87 Engine Wiring Harness
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This product qualifies for free shipping
All orders over $15.00 qualify for free ground shipping to the US and Puerto Rico!

100% Electronically inspected and designed to work exactly like your original harness - BUT BETTER!
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Complete 86/87 Engine Wiring Harness

This engine harness is OEM design with improvements made to certain "too-short" connectors and improved engine grounds. We use only original Packard connectors and cross-linked wiring. Our harness is an exact replacement for the factory harness! With the factory harnesses approaching 35 years old, many of these Turbo Buicks have harnesses that are in desperate need of replacement.  

Using the same production equipment we produce our OEM harnesses on, this harness is produced with brand new, 125*C rated automotive TXL wire.   Some other modern-day improvements you'll see in this harness include better wire routing, sealed automotive spec relays, separate positive feeds through the harness, and factory fit and finish.  Our engine harnesses are 100% electronically inspected before being shipped.  We use specialized equipment that tests continuity point to point as well as resistance tests through the harness as an assembly.  This ensures that this harness is wired correctly and will work for you out of the box!  

CASPER'S will produce these harnesses as long as we can!  Many of the connectors used in the factory harness are being discontinued, which will ultimately lead to us needing to discontinue this product.  For now, we've been able to source replacement parts that work for our Buicks.  We just don't know how long that will continue on.  

This harness is usually in stock, however, please keep in mind that it may take up to 2 weeks for us to produce this harness.

*** Additional Option:  Make Plug-and-play to the ECUgn.  This harness will still be 100% compatible with the factory ECU.  However, should you decide to move over to the ECUgn standalone computer, the appropriate connections will already be in the harness.  You will have a connector for the wideband as well as several inputs/outputs terminated under the hood to a sealed connector where you can add accessories as needed.  As with all CASPERS products, we strive to make everything as plug-and-play as possible, while maintaining that OEM fit, finish, and performance!  

*** Additional Option: Include XFI 2.0 Adapter Harness.  This adapter box coverts this harness to be completely plug and play to the FAST XFI 2.0 stand along computer.   This adapter box is CASPERS part number 108135.  By purchasing the XFI adapter along with this engine harness, you'll receive a discount on the XFI adapter.  

Neither of the above options are required for this harness to work like your stock engine harness with a stock ECU.  They are simply  available options if you'd like to move over to a stand alone ECU.  You may choose to add the options now even if you do not immediately plan to change over - they will not effect the function of the stock harness.

For installation instructions, note part number and check:    

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