Twilight Zone LED Clock Board 103501

Twilight Zone LED Clock Board 103501

Twilight Zone LED Clock Board

  • The original clock face on your Twilight Zone clock used four tiny socketed incandescent lamps, which would spread sequenced lighting across four quadrants. The problem was that the lighting design proved to be poor and uneven, and the lamps created excessive heat, which led to component failure. Other designs have been produced using LEDs, with varying results and appearance. This PC board assembly is designed to replace the pair of circuit boards found inside the clock assembly on the playfield. When installed, heat is no longer a factor because of the cool-running LEDs, and illumination is even and consistent due to the “carpet lighting” effect using a total of 12 high-brightness LEDs. Also, the LEDs are directional which reduces the spill-off lighting effect on the clock housing, and promotes even and clean clock-face lighting. 


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