Two-Shot Trunk Relay Module for 5th Gen Camaro

Two-Shot Trunk Relay Module for 5th Gen Camaro

This product is designed to minimize the "Unintentional Open Trunk" condition frequently observed with 5th generation

Camaro which use the global style key fob remote. Typically, the trunk latch releases for no apparent reason, usually while the

vehicle is parked and unattended. Because the trunk release occurs with a single press of the release button, bumping

the button unintentionally causes the trunk to open and it's condition is aggravated by the key fob design.

This new relay replaces the factory trunk release relay with a specially-designed electronic module that requires TWO

presses of the release button (interior button as well) to open the trunk. With the required two presses, accidental trunk

opening is significantly reduced.

Installation is very simple and can be done in less than three minutes with no tools or special knowledge required. You

simply access the fuse/relay panel in the vehicle, locate the trunk release relay, pull it out, and plug in the replacement


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