C6 Z06 Corvette Exhaust Valve Bypass Switch - WithOUT Plate

C6 Z06 Corvette Exhaust Valve Bypass Switch - WithOUT Plate

102158 Exhaust Valve Bypass Switch – C6 Corvette Z06

This kit is designed to permit instant manual bypass of the two exhaust valve butterfly valves present in the Z06 muffler, giving the driver full control of maximum exhaust flow. The 102158 is a Plug-And-Play which includes only the switch and plug-in harness. (NOTE: Kit is also available WITH switch plate, Part Number 102157 intended for those who do not wish to drill and mount the switch). There are no wires to cut, and no electrical skills are necessary to install this system, which The switch used has a small logo identifying four exhaust ports. When the switch is pressed to the position of the white dot, the exhaust butterfly valves open and remain on manual override until the switch is returned to the normal position.

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