Digital Dash Chip Only

Digital Dash Chip Only
Digital Dash Chip Only

For hobbyists and electrical gurus. Our upgrade processor chip is specially programmed to prevent the "Flashing 85" MPH anamoly found on the factory digital dash. Shows true MPH up to 199, and maintains accurate calibration on fuel and odometer displays, identical to the original microprocessor chip. This 40 pin DIP Processor/PROM chip is a direct transplant for the OEM processor chip. Dash must be removed and broken down to the PC board (as shown in image) to access this processor chip (shown in grayed area). This device is shipped CHIP ONLY...PC board not included in sale.

Original processor chip in dash cluster must be de-soldered and removed from PC board. Since the board is epoxy-coated, the procedure must be done professionally by qualified personnel using proper de-soldering equipment.

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