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Digital Dash Upgrade

Digital Dash Upgrade
Digital Dash Upgrade
Digital Dash Upgrade
Digital Dash Upgrade
Digital Dash Upgrade
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Digital Dash Upgrade

We have repaired and upgraded over 1000 of these digital dash clusters! Upgrade removes the MPH limitations of the stock digital dash. Provides indication of actual MPH over and above the stock "blinking 85" speed indication, up to 199 MPH! To upgrade, you must send us your dash and we perform the modification.

SIMPLE removal - remove screws, and leave the odometer in car--send us only the digital portion in the black plastic frame. PACKAGE it WELL! We replace the processor chip with a new programmed processor and send the dash back to you fully tested. Eliminate that annoying flashing 85 on your dash!

PLEASE NOTE:  We inspect all dashes prior to this service or the Digital Dash Repair (102058) service.  If your dash comes in dead - will not light up, read incorrectly, or non-responsive,  and you have chosen the UPGRADE ONLY service you will be charged the additional fees associated with the repair and upgrade service prior to us returning your dash.  


This is HIGHLY recommended!!!  While not necessary, the likelyhood of having to send your dash back in because the dash is dead is significantly high with most dashes.  Around 70% of the dashes we receive have dead power supplies and several other issues which will cause them to become inoperable over time.  We address all of these issues and replace the antiquated power supply with a modern, stable power supply allowing your dash to serve you well for many years!  


If you choose yes, we will send you a secure, crush proof hard case with insurance and shipping prepaid so that we can ensure your dash gets back to us safely.  THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.  If you choose to send the dash via your own carrier, we suggest utilizing a traceable carrier (such as UPS or FedEx) and insure the package for $1000.  That is what it will cost to replace your dash should it come in damaged.  Please protect the odometer reset knob.  If the dash is hit on this knob, it may become unusable/unrepairable!   PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, ABOUT 25% OF THE DASHES WE RECEIVED ARE COMPLETELY DAMAGED IN SHIPPING DUE TO POOR PACKAGING.   SHIPPERS WILL NOT PAY INSURANCE CLAIMS IF YOUR PACKAGING IS POOR OR INSUFFICIENT.    


This is only important should we be sending you a shipping container.  Also important if you order a flex board since we can't install the flexboad without the whole dash.  If you order a flexboard and send just the PCB, we will return your dash with the flex board in a box for you to install.  


This option is for a replacement acrylic dash lens.  This is NOT an OEM part, but one we've custom made to take the place of the OEM dash lens.  It will make your dash look brand new.  Once again, this is not a requirement but while you have it apart, it makes sense to replace.  

NOTE: This service DOES NOT INCLUDE the dash cluster - you send us your dash cluster for the actual service performed, we return it to you upgraded.

For installation instructions, note part number and check: