Digital Dash Upgrade

Digital Dash Upgrade

Digital Dash Upgrade

We have repaired and upgraded over 1000 of these digital dash clusters! Upgrade removes the MPH limitations of the stock digital dash. Provides indication of actual MPH over and above the stock "blinking 85" speed indication, up to 199 MPH! To upgrade, you must send us your dash and we perform the modification.

SIMPLE removal - remove screws, and leave the odometer in car--send us only the digital portion in the black plastic frame. PACKAGE it WELL! We replace the processor chip with a new programmed processor and send the dash back to you fully tested. Eliminate that annoying flashing 85 on your dash!

Board repair now includes a new-design power supply along with upgraded microprocessor IC. Note that this repair is for service to the microprocessor PC board only. 

NOTE: This service DOES NOT INCLUDE the dash cluster - you send us your dash cluster for the actual service performed, we return it to you upgraded.

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