Typhoon and Syclone

Typhoon and Syclone
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Fuel Injector Harness SY/TY

Fuel Injector Harness SY/TYHigh performance version of the OEM harness with 14 GAGE wiring instead o..


Fuel Pump Wiring Upgrade Typhoon

Fuel Pump Wiring Upgrade TyphoonOur kit is the finest kit available - thousands in use! Its a known ..


GN to SY/TY WG Adapter

GN to SY/TY WG AdapterThis adapter converts the factory red Weatherpack connector (found on your tur..


Sy/Ty Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit

Sy/Ty Fuel Pump Hotwire KitThe Fuel Pump Hotwire Kit allows you to replace the stock, inadequate 18 ..