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Sensors/ Modules / Relays

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Sealed Relay 30 AMP Black

Sealed Relay 30 AMP BlackReplacement Sealed relay, five terminal SPDT, used in many of our products:..


TPS Sensor - 86-89

TPS Sensor - 86-89Found on throttle body, opposite throttle linkage. Interfaces with ECM toshow thro..


Two Shot Trunk Relay ISO-Micro footprint

108185 Two shot Trunk Relay ISO-Micro Footprint   Used on various late-model Ford, Chrysler a..


Two-Shot Trunk Relay Module for 5th Gen Camaro

This product is designed to minimize the "Unintentional Open Trunk" condition frequently observed ..


Vacuum Check Valve 1/4"

Vacuum Check Valve 1/4" This Check Valve is used in two places; Cannister Purge and EGR. Replaceval..