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Sensors/ Modules / Relays

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Air Temp Sensor 3/8"

Air Temp Sensor 3/8" Fits in collar of K&N or similar air filter. Use this sensor when installi..


Air Temp Sensor OEM - 86/89

Air Temp Sensor OEM - 86/89 Found near the Mass Airflow sensor at the inlet elbow, gray two-wirecon..


Blower Fan Relay

Blower Fan RelayFound on blower housing under hood, passenger side. Replace when fan controldoes not..


Coolant Temp Sensor

Coolant Temp Sensor - 86/89This sensor is located in front of the intake, near the upper radiator ho..


HD Fuel Pump/ Fan Relay Kit 40 AMP

HD Fuel Pump/ Fan Relay KitThis kit is designed for high current applications such as high power coo..


Heater Blower Resistor 1984 / 1987

Heater Blower Resistor 1984 / 1987Fits into heater box under hood, near blower motor. Gray connector..


IAC Motor - 86/89

IAC Motor - 86/89 OEM Idle Air Control (IAC} Motor to replace your worn out or malfunctionongfactor..


Knock Sensor - 84/89

Knock Sensor - 84/89Knock sensor senses detonation and sends signal to ESC module for processing. Se..


Map Sensor 2 Bar - 84/89

Map Sensor 2 Bar - 84/892-bar. Found at the inner fender well, passenger side on ANALOG DASH cars on..


Oil Pressure Switch

Oil Pressure SwitchLocated below the turbo, at the engine block, in the brass tee. Indicates LOWOIL ..


Oil Pressure Switch

Oil Pressure Switch for 3800 GM Series I and II. Uses sealed connector...


Overtemp Switch

Overtemp Switch Sets the HOT light when the engine runs close to overheating. Located infront of th..


Pressure Transducer W/ Connector Pigtail

  Pressure Transducer.    Includes wiring pigtail with 6" of wire.    ..


Relay Delay Module

Relay Delay ModuleYour dual cooling fan system works much better than the single OEM fan. But, doubl..


Sealed Relay 30 AMP Black

Sealed Relay 30 AMP BlackReplacement Sealed relay, five terminal SPDT, used in many of our products:..


TPS Sensor - 86-89

TPS Sensor - 86-89Found on throttle body, opposite throttle linkage. Interfaces with ECM toshow thro..


Two Shot Trunk Relay ISO-Micro footprint

108185 Two shot Trunk Relay ISO-Micro Footprint   Used on various late-model Ford, Chrysler a..


Two-Shot Trunk Relay Module for 5th Gen Camaro

This product is designed to minimize the "Unintentional Open Trunk" condition frequently observed ..


Vacuum Check Valve 1/4"

Vacuum Check Valve 1/4" This Check Valve is used in two places; Cannister Purge and EGR. Replaceval..